Layering Guide for Mount Rainier

June 26, 2022

Mt. Rainier is the most glaciated peak in the continental US, making it a great training ground for big peaks like Everest.

Reaching the summit via any route requires a vertical elevation gain of more than 9,000 feet with a heavy pack & sleeping on a glacier at altitude. Your kit needs to be ready for a variety of conditions - layering is essential.

This is our go-to recommended layering kit for climbing Mt. Rainer

Base Layers:

Good Base Layers wick moisture away from your body and dry quickly because the last thing you want is a wet shirt when the sun starts to set and the temps drop.

Insulating Layers:

Insulating Layers work keep you warm in a variety of conditions. Having both a thinner 'active' insulating layer, alongside a quality down jacket, will maximize your kit's versatility & minimize weight. Our Limitless Grid Fleece also makes for an excellent active layer.

Outer Layers:

When the weather gets bad, having breathable waterproofing and wind proof layers that can protect you from the elements is essential.

Bonus Layer:

The Altitude Parka is the ultimate insurance policy for harsh conditions on Mt. Rainer and will help to ensure your comfort and recovery at camp.