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Pemba’s inspiring tale immerses you into a lifelong journey of growing up in one of the poorest regions of Nepal, to eventually climbing your way up to a “better life”. He conveys the story of his indigenous people in such a profound way, making you realize how special these people are, and the great amount of impact they have on the world. Pemba stayed true to his culture and beliefs by not allowing the emerging influences of society affect him in any way, shape, or form. This is one of the greatest virtues to take away from this story of resilience, passion and adventure.


“Bridging Worlds: A Sherpa’s Story” is a perfect title, as it reminds us that there are people out there living two lives, and struggling to bridge the gap between them. Pemba gives us a beautiful glimpse of how living this kind of lifestyle comes with many challenges and feats to be overcome. In the Khumbu Region of Nepal, Pemba worked to build a bridge across the treacherous Dhud Koshi, cutting the commute for school children from 3 hours to only 30 minutes, along with providing a safe passage for thousands. This story will definitely transform the way you see; the trek up to Everest, the love of the Nepalese people for the Sherpa, and the social justice that needs to be done in our world. In Pemba’s words, “I believe the formula for a good life is simple abundance without attachment”. Step into the shoes of a Sherpa, and experience the culture firsthand from this epic story.


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