Team in front of Annapurna , 2021

Annapurna is the deadliest 8,000m peak - killing ROUGHLY ⅓ of it’s climbers.

Mingma G Sherpa , 2021

It’s danger lies in its unpredictability. Avalanches and whiteouts frequently deny even the most experienced climbers.

Mingma G Sherpa & Team Climbing Annapurna, 2021

After flying into basecamp, HIMALI athlete and owner Mingma G Sherpa and the Imagine Nepal* team began to acclimate, set up camps, and fix ropes up the mountain. They started their climb early in the spring season; and although this is when the snowpack tends to be more stable, avalanches still caused climbers to temporarily turn back to reassess the conditions. Significant cloud cover also added in some unplanned rest days.

Mingma G Sherpa & Team Climbing Annapurna, 2021

After these setbacks, they made the final summit push on April 14th, Nepali New Year (01-01-2078).

Mingma G Sherpa - Annapurna Summit - January 14, 2021

Mingma G Sherpa is fresh off of his Winter K2 expedition - his mental and physical endurance on back to back expeditions is enviable! Huge Congrats to the entire team for their recent summit of Annapurna!